Chef Karen Mantoen and Chef Bobby Dunham each pride themselves on their ability to create a vast array of different types of dishes – ranging from family friendly comfort foods, to calorie-conscious (yet delicious!) light, healthy fare, to very elegant, intricate and sophisticated dishes for the most special of occasions.

No matter what the occasion, they will create the perfect menu to address your every need.

Let us entertain you! How often do you get the chance to throw an elegant dinner party, or other fun event for your family and friends? 

When you have the chance to celebrate something special, it is important for the food to look perfect, and taste exceptional.

With the help of The Gourmet Group, there is no reason for you to stress about the food. It will look and taste better than food you will find in most fine restaurants. 

So, you can relax and truly enjoy your party with the people who are most important to you - absolutely stress free! 

         Chef Karen                                                   Chef Bobby

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